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About Us

5.0 Ratings  |  Over 4000+ Trips

Established in 2022, we are a team of entrepreneurs passionate about cars and love meeting new people. Located in beautiful Southern California, we offer exceptional service from exotic/fun rides to family vehicles for all visitors.


Our Fleet

As a group of motor enthusiasts, our fleet of cars are always in tip-top shape and excellent condition. We offer an array of vehicles to choose from: ranging from exotics, luxury, and convertibles to family cars. And best of all, at XE, our prices are unbeatable and you get to choose your perfect car!

Our Mission

At XE Rental, we guarantee exceptional service for your satisfaction. Enjoy your trip with peace of mind knowing that our friendly and knowledgeable team is here to help provide the right rental car for your needs. With our convenient pick-up & drop-off services, simply request the select airport at booking and we will coordinate to arrange your ride-- skip the long rental lines or the hassle of dragging your heavy luggage on a busy shuttle bus!


 Our goal is to make your vacation truly memorable without having to worry about getting to your destination. Know that you’re in for a smooth ride with XE.

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